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MEAT: a bleak comedy is a grim, comedic tour through America's heartland where Jesus Saves, and Moral Meats is the only employer in town. Inspired by Brecht's St. Joan of the Stockyards, incident reports from meat packing plants worldwide, and the video blogs of American Christian teenagers, MEAT tells the story of a young woman caught between the forces of religion and capitalism. She is determined to follow the money and find the truth, but with so much profit in steak at stake, will she succeed in bringing revolution to God's country? 


Guest Production / Son of Semele, 2017

Conceived / Developed By Emma Zakes Green, Kestrel Leah & Cast
Written by Emma Zakes Green

Direction: Emma Zakes Green
Additional Direction & Movement: Kestrel Leah
Stage Management: Amanda Eno
Scenic Design: Drew Foster
Sound Design: Yiannis Christofides
Lighting Design: Katelan Braymer
Lighting Assistant: Aubree Lynn
Costume Design: Stephanie Petagno
Technical Director: Mitchell Leitschuh
Choir Master: Paul Fraser
Cast: James Michael Cowan, Craig Gibson, Chance Lang, Kestrel Leah, Lisa McNeeley, Nathan Nonhof, Zurah Taylor, Reggie Yip

2017 Workshop Contributors: Cynthia Callejas, Giulia Davis, Bailey Edwards, Jenny Greer, Jessica Hemingway, Tane Kawasaki, Peter Laughlin & Andrea Tzetzov