Original Work 

The Dryway

The Outpost, 2016


The Dryway is an original folk-opera written by Emma Zakes Green. Based on the ancient myth of Melusine, The Dryway tells the story of three mermaid sisters cursed to exile on land by their mother. 

MEAT: a bleak comedy

The Outpost, 2017


MEAT: a bleak comedy is a grim, comedic tour through America's heartland where Jesus Saves, and Moral Meats is the only employer in town. Inspired by Brecht's St. Joan of the Stockyards, incident reports from meat packing plants, and the video blogs of American Christian teenagers, MEAT tells the story of a young woman caught between the forces of capitalism and religion. 

"Smells Like a Girl"

Lisa Frankly, 2018

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"Smells Like a Girl" is a music video for Lisa Frankly. Lisa Frankly is a musical collaboration between Emma Zakes Green and Paul Fraser. They write feminist punk rock for young listeners.