who is lisa frankly?

Lyricist / vocalist Emma Zakes Green and composer Paul Fraser are friends and life partners who also write feminist punk rock for children under the name Lisa Frankly. Their Riot Grrrl inspired sound encourages young listeners to speak up, express themselves, and always defy expectations.

"smells like a girl" music video collaborators

Actor: Taylor Gadsden
Director: Emma Zakes Green
Executive Producer: Paul Fraser
Producer/First AD: Sienna Beckman
Director of Photography: Iliya Gegov
First AC: Alexander Demers
Production Design: Aubree Lynn
Costume Design: Amanda Lee
Hair/Make-up: Amanda Walsh-Cole
Editor: Kevin Palmer & Iliya Gegov
Title Animation: Meejin Hong
Sound Design: Paul Fraser
Music by Emma Zakes Green and Paul Fraser
Special Thanks: Demetrio Deterville, Celeste Faber, Will Allen, Cristina Fernandez, Emily Brundige

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