Emma Zakes Green is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and director based in Los Angeles. She is committed to craft, explorative processes, and building empathy through creative collaboration. In any medium, Emma looks for innovative ways to tell stories that are compelling, human, and relevant.

Emma is the founder of The Outpost, a collaboration between artists working in theatre, design, music and film in order to create and produce original, interdisciplinary, experimental, and genre-defying work. When she's not in a theatre, on a film set, or in a recording studio, Emma works as a creative at award-winning ad agency 180LA.

Emma holds a B.A. in Diplomacy and World Affairs from Occidental College and an M.F.A. in Acting from CalArts.

artist cv

theatre & film


2019 We’re All Just A Bunch of Sinners, But We Do The Best We Can. Son of Semele Solo Creation Festival.
2018          Play Pretend. Occidental College New Play Festival.
2018          Music Video: Smells Like a Girl. Lisa Frankly.
2017          MEAT. Son of Semele.
2016          The Dryway. Son of Semele Company Creation Festival.
2015          Romeo & Juliet. LawnChair Theatre. Port Chester, NY.
2014          The Tempest. Westmoreland Nature Sanctuary. Mt. Kisco, NY.
2013          If You Had Three Husbands. CalArts, CA.
2012          On The Verge. CalArts, CA.
2011          Henry V (abridged). Port Chester Council for the Arts Children’s Theatre, NY.

assistant directing

2012          True Love, Kinda. Directed by Marina McClure. Valencia, CA.
2011          As You Like It. Directed by Tal Aviezer. Red Monkey Theatre, NY.
2010          A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Directed by Peter Green. LawnChair Theatre, NY.


2016          Play Development: ZZ’s Sleepaway Camp for Disordered Dreamers. By Karen Russel.
The Barn Arts Collective. Bass Harbor, ME.

solo performance/installation

2015          The Great Sand Heist of 2015. ENTER>text: Chinatown. Los Angeles, CA.
2015          Things My Mother Doesn’t Know About. ENTER>text: In The Clouds. Los Angeles, CA.
2014          Theatre For One and Absolutely On Wretchedly Singular Person.
                 By Rachel Kauder Nalebuff. Directed by Deena Selenow. Machine Project, REDCAT, LA.
2014          Fly Safe. ENTER>text. Human Resources. Los Angeles, CA.
2013          Madame Merle’s House of Fortune. Automata. Los Angeles, CA.


The Woman Who Went to Space as a Man Tass Son of Semele dir. Maureen Huskey
As You Like It                                    Rosalind                    Chamber Shakes           dir. Alexis MacNab
The Dryway                                        Melusine                   The Outpost/SOSE       dir. Emma Zakes Green
In Case of Emergency                        Emma                        La Jolla/Chalk Rep        dir. Deena Selenow
Waiting for Godot (A Conversation)    Vladimir                     REDCAT gallery             dir. Rachel Park
Ebenezer                                          Caroline                     Speakeasy Society         dir. Genevieve Gearhart
Exquisite Mistake                              Ensemble                   New Orleans Fringe       dir. Alexis MacNab
The 5th String                                  Young Woman             REDCAT                        dir. Alexis MacNab
The Stronger                                    Sarah                          Bootleg LAX Festival     dir. Julianne Just
The Least Important Things              Ensemble                     LACMA                         dir. Emily Mast
nat&EM                                            Emily Dickinson            Company of Angels       dir. Deena Selenow
Ocean Flight                                    Ensemble                     Bootleg Theater            dir. Chi-Wang Yang
They Are Dying Out                          Hans (Ann)                   CalArts                        dir. Chi-Wang Yang
The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek          Gin                              CalArts                        dir. LisaGay Hamilton
Portrait of a Lady                             Madame Merle              CalArts                       dir. Alexis MacNab       
The Tempest                                    Antonio                        CalArts                        dir. Deena Selenow
Purgatory In Ingolstadt                      Ensemble                     CalArts                        dir. Marina McClure
Sneaky Nietzsche                              Ensemble                     LACMA                        dir. Sheila Vand
Kitchen/Sugar/Bullet/Blank              Emma                          Speakeasy Society        dir. Julianne Just
Ebenezer                                          Caroline                       Speakeasy Society        dir. J. Just/ G. Gearhart
Breaking and Entering                      Trivial Beauty               Human Resources          dir. Kestrel Leah           
Crouching Tiger Sleeping Beauty      Ensemble                     Oxy Children’s Theatre  dir. Jamie Angell          
Little Women                                    Jo March                     Curtain Call Theatre      dir. Carin Zakes                                                


2017          Lisa Frankly, self titled EP. Lyricist, Vocalist. Feminist punk rock for young listeners.
2016          The Dryway: a merfolk opera - Son of Semele Company Creation Festival, dir E.Z. Green.
                 Composer, libretto, performer. Guitar, Lead Vocals.
2014          Exquisite Mistake - New Orleans Fringe Festival, dir. Alexis MacNab.
                 Composer, original song “Run With Me.” Accordion. Vocals.
2014          The Jabberwocky - collaboration with composer Paul Fraser.
                 Machine Project in collaboration with The Music Center at Grand Park, Los Angeles.
                 Co-composer, performer. Accordion, Trumpet, Percussion.
2013          Toxicos - REDCAT, dir. Deena Selenow.
                  Performer. Trumpet, Xylophone, Indian Banjo.
2012          As You Like It - LawnChair Theatre, NY, dir. Tal Aviezer. Composer Joshua Carriero.
                 Performer. Guitar. Vocals.


2017          Play: MEAT: a contemporary exploration of Brecht’s St. Joan of the Stockyards
2015          Poem: Things My Mother Doesn’t Know About.
                 Published in anthology Enter Text: 3 years.
2013          Folk Opera: The Dryway.
2012          Play: Hansel and Gretel’s Winter Disco Spectacular Spectacular.
2012          Screenplay: Bridges.


education & training 

MFA in Acting, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA
BA in Diplomacy World Affairs, Visual Art, Occidental College, Los Angeles, CA

Marissa Chibas, Mirjana Jokovic, Travis Preston, Robert Cucuzza, Maureen Huskey, Jamie Angel, John Bouchard

Fran Bennett (Linklater), Rafael Lopez-Barrantes (Roy Hart)

Denise Woods (Skinner), Dwight Bacquie (Dialects)

Nick Erickson (Tumbling), Mira Kingsley, Tina Kronis (Theatre Movement Bazaar), Stacy Dawson Stearns (Grotowski),
Babette Markus (Alexander), Michael Sakamoto (Butoh), Sherry Tschernisch (T'ai chi ch'uan), Marvin Tunney (Jazz)

Fight Choreography:
Steve Rankin, Amanda Washko